In every moment i talked to GOD and remembered my ultimate dream and my dream, there is no single chance it will not causing me to cry because i feel warm feeling in my heart so strong and a heavy sadness of truth. My ultimate dream and prayers is for my Yura to be ultimately happy in his life may with me or not. While my dream is nothing so important and no one would be interested, so i keep it between me and GOD. Everytime i thought about it i cried because i feel and accepted the fact that it may never be happened. I said to myself it’s OKAY, i am okay because i am in LOVE to Yura. This is so great and my dream is a destiny to be made. I already admitted to myself that it may not happened or never will happen. Because this is just dream and my dream is the less important than making others smile and happy.

I LOVE YURA and his ultimate happiness is my ultimate dream.